Where’s The Time?

Words and Music by Billy Bramblett (Billy B Music © ® 2010)



Ever look up in the sky, and wonder where the time goes by?

Where’s the time that’s gone away?, They say lost time is not regained.

But, I don’t want to get it back, I just want to know where it’s at.

For if the past I can retrace, I’ll find the morrow’s hiding place.



Well, there goes another day,

And I just want to say,

That sometimes, I wonder where they all go to.

Where are all my yesterdays?

They’re hidden in the misty haze of

Mem’ries fadin’ like the mornin’ dew.



Ever spend a moment thinking how that moment came and went?

Time goes slow and time goes fast, I know one thing, it just don’t last

Our time will come, I know it will, I’ve found that time just don’t stand still

The fourth dimension, time goes by, it measures God, forever wide.