What Key?

Words and Music by Billy Bramblett (Billy B Music © ® 2010)



Conch-ed out on the Keys

In the sand on my knees

Doin’ doobies on Duval

Just a-waitin’ for my old pal

To come and meet me at the Room of Charts

Makin’ up these brand new parts

To this brand new tune

I hope he gets here soon



Brown skin boys and pretty girls

Margaret’s Margaritas, the best in the world

We’re catchin’ up with the past,

I know this won’t be my last

Visit to this island paradise

Because it makes me feel so nice

And I gladly confess

I dig hangin’ out in old Key West



But what key shall I sing it in?

This song about this place I’m in

Which key would be the best?

I’ll sing it in the key of Key West




I called up Herbie on the phone

Told him ‘bout Duck Key, he told me ‘bout home.

The Lady’s doin’ fine, they say,

I think I’ll stay and extra day,

Keep workin’ on this mystery

Tryin’ to find just the right key,

Been singin’ in the key of C

How ‘bout a step up to D



Just heard a bunch of Jimmy Buffet songs

Tom told me hidden meanings as I played along

My back is burned and my head is stoned

Which is what I had in mind when I left home

Hangin’ on this coral reef

Puffin’ on a bowl of Kief

Feet propped up, I’m takin’ a rest

Hangin’ out in old Key West





This song’s not as deep as I’d like it to be

But, ya know, I used to be a man of the sea

So I can sure dig all this island romance

With pirates, smugglers and the doin’ the dance

But, I got to leave this western key

‘cuz California’s waitin’ for me

But, I sure would like to stay,

And, I’ll be back here another day