Words and Music by Billy Bramblett (Billy B Music © ® 2010)




The Hot I got for you is so large

They had to put it in an airplane garage

They had to build a special hangar for it

Down there by the aer-e-o-portit


And if that Hot I got should get out-ed

You’re gonna know all about it

But before you even know all about it

You’re gonna be crowin’ about it

And you’ll say…


Oooh, I’ve never been kissed. No, really, never quite like this

And certainly not right there Ooooh, you got me gaspin’ for air

You found the magic crook in my tree

And, you got me shoutin’ “Ooooh-Wheeee”

I didn’t think you even knew I’s alive.

Billy Boy, where’d you learn how to dive??


Oooh, you better not stop Or, I’m gonna hafta call me a cop

What’d you say you call that thing that you got??

Did you call it a “Hot”?

I called it a Hot Hot Hot




They brought in all the the CSI jerks

To see if they could figure out how it works

They tried to put some on a microscope slide

But the temperature, Baby, was way too high


It was pulsin’ and beatin’ in time

And the sounds it made seemed to rhyme

It was slippin’’ and slidin’ around

Like a giant liquid slinky had moved into town


They double sealed all the windows and doors

And made sure there’s no cracks in the floors

They’ll do their best to keep it inside

But if it gets out, you know you can’t hide,

       and you’ll say


Oooh, I’ve never been kissed.

Oh, baby, never quite like this

And certainly not quite right there

Ooooh, you got me gaspin’ for air


Billy Boy you loved me so good,

Now you’re all up under my hood

You checked my spark plugs and oil

Now my blood’s ‘bout to boil


Oooh you better not stop…