Get the Feelin’ Everyday

Words and Music by Billy Bramblett (Billy B Music © ® 2005)


Ringed by veils of thunderstorms, drivin’ though the west

Remindin’ me of Laura’s song, and when the Choir was the best

It was goosebump city, and crowds up on their feet

Groovin’ to the New Age Gospel beat

Where did it go, that feelin’ oh so high?

I get it again, thinkin’ of days gone by

And I get it again every time that I sing and play

And, I’ve learned to sing and play, each and every day


Sing and play, every day


Livin’ with the family, in the van

Thinkin’ about Clyde’s song, ya know, the Tribes of Man

And thinkin’ that I’m a part of that family tree

That’s spreadin’ from the Lord right on down to me

And I’ve had this feelin’ ever since I was a boy

And it’s brought me a lifetime of happiness and joy

And I get again each and every time that I pray

Learn to pray, every dayAnd I’ve learned to pray each and every day


Colorado Rockies surround my bed

Through the pine trees, a billions stars way up above my head

Some times are good, ya know, and some are bad

But I find that I’m happy, even when I’m sad

And I get the feelin’, and it takes me to my soul

Where I see before me, my very life unfold

And I see that givin’ love is the only way

And I’ve learned to give my love, each and every day


Love is the way, every day