out of the Sleeping Lady Café’s kitchen.  The songs Tofunction and Sign Me Up for the Organic Rebellion are reflections of his on-going organic activism.

Billy continued to record with RJ, J-Fry and others during the 80’s and 90’s creating  one album, (Do) The National Breakdown, in 1986, which had an accompanying video by Mark Adler, and won Best Promotional Film or Video at the 1987 San Francisco International Film Festival, as well as a Silver Medal at the New York International Film Festival that same year.  Mark Adler is currently shooting a video of The 33rd Amendment, completion scheduled for August 2012.  Bily also produced several singles and demos during since 1993.

“The BillyLove Express formed in 2008, adding Eric Jorgenson on lead guitar, and evolved through the process of  recording the CD “Just Invoke the 33rd”.

The band played out as a nine piece with Clyde Niesen and J-Fry Cohen platooning on bass, Herman Eberitzsch on keys and Rusty Gauthier on dobro and mandolin, along with Lynn Ray Pardo and Charity Goodenon vocals throughout 2012.

The current line up is more streamlined with J-Fry Cohen on bass and vocals, RJ Franco on drums and vocals, Rusty Gauthier on lead guitar, dobro and mandolin and vocals, and Dennis Desjardin on saxes.  We also feature various special guest singers for variety and fun.”



Billy Bramblett of the billylove express bio

Born in Detroit, BILLY BRAMBLETT's  parents were both from Georgia, so his musical influences were Baptist Church, southern rural and northern urban.  At ten he was singing right along with Little Richard, and got his parents to take him to see Elvis on his twelfth birthday.  In his teens, it was all about Ray Charles and Marvin Gaye.  After some college experience in Ohio and Chicago, Billy joined the US Navy, and was sent to California.  He began playing out during his tour of duty in the 60’s, in 1971 began his new life and journey.

His first group was Space City, acoustic jazz, folk and rock, which soon grew to a five piece.  Clyde Niesen, Just Invoke the 33rd’s producer was part of this group playing string bass, as was Dennis Desjardin, alto sax on two of the CD’s cuts.  Soon, all three were playing and singing in the Fairfax Street Choir, and being part of the hippie co-op Sleeping Lady Café, unique alternative vegetarian, non-smoking restaurant and club, from ’72 – ’84.

After the Street Choir’s demise, Billy formed The Stingers, along with Dennis, adding J-Fry Cohen on Bass, RJ Franco on drums, Mark Adler on keyboards, and Lynn Ray Pardo, Catherine Rasmussen, and Rachel Gladstone on vocals.  Billy also joined the Lighthouse Singers of Marin County, gospel choir under the direction of Helen J. H. Stephens in 1980, and continued singing with them as bass and soloist through 2002.

Billy’s been an organic food supporter since the 70’s, even before “organic” was legally defined.  He helped start Wildwood Natural Foods tofu company in 1980, which grew from a small sandwich company operating